Thursday, April 2, 2020

A Long Day Looking for Lakes, Part 2

NOTE: I went back to the "Long Day" area a few weeks later. Here are 3 MORE ponds I found on the second visit; they are shown as #4-6 on the map below:

I started on the main road, went North for a mile (just past Pond #3) and then East on Poco Lago (just past Pond #3).

I had no cell signal nor map guidance in this area, but I did spot Pond #4 on Caminito Santo Tomas behind a gate. Luckily a car was coming out, so I was able to enter.

Here's looking West out my right window at pond #4:

Looking East out my left window at pond #5  

I had to go to the end of the street to turn around so here’s pond #5 again,

and pond #4.

The easternmost pond #6 is in a horse facility, just EAST of the high-end housing area and annoyingly accessed by an entirely-separate, winding, steep, half-mile Black Mountain Road.

The reeds and no trespassing sign are sure clues there is (or once was) water nearby. 

I slide the car to the side of the road and walk a hundred steps or so to get some altitude. I can see the water from here.

There's a path across the "dam" but I didn't walk it because the no trespassing signs are on my side of the dam.


I drove past this very nice pond in the Del Mar country club entrance, along the way to the freeway.