Informational Signs


Most San Diego lakes and reservoirs are owned by government agencies and allow limited public access. Nothing brings out the "inner bureaucrat" like a lake does -- they are not shy about telling you what to do and when or where TO GO, even though their instructions may be nonsensical or grammatically incorrect. 

I will classify the signs as:

Educational which tell you about the region, history, foliage, water features, etc.

Rules & Regulations which tell you what you can and cannot do

Warning cautions and no-no's. THEY HAVE THEIR OWN PAGE, HERE



A few of the lake entrances are heavily embellished with signs, mostly informative but also containing rules and regulations.

No respect -- someone shot up the signs

Since we are "on a mission" we quietly walk past this kind of sign
which says the property owner can evict trespassers IF he/she wishes